About Shayna
About Shayna

About Shayna

We’ve all struggled with finding a balance in our eating. My own journey from junk food to real food has made me passionate about nature’s power to nourish and heal us. Shayna’s Kitchen has grown out of that passion. This is where I nurture my curiosity about the world and my love for clean eating, products that are made with intention and curated with care, and the daily routines and rituals we share for our well-being. 


Understanding the essentials of nutrition has helped me thrive as a model, chef, and maker. I’ve learned that the ingredients we use really do matter: plants grown with love and harvested sustainably make everything we cook taste better and means the food we eat is better for us, too. Organic, biodynamically farmed ingredients nourish something deep inside of us. Call it sustenance or soul, it’s the kind of nourishment we all crave. Whether I’m sharing my favorite recipes or perfecting Bottle & Stone, my collection of premium, handcrafted CBD remedies and skincare products, I’m always looking for the best nature has to offer to help heal our bodies and feed our minds.


That search recently brought me halfway across the globe from California to the small Italian farm I now call home. I’m now beginning to cultivate the finest ingredients with my own hands (and am learning that an olive grove is my new happy place). The products we’re creating for you here tell the story of this sun-soaked land, and are truly small-batch, sustainable, and made with the love of local farmhands and artisans who care as much about this place as I do. Together, we’re building a more conscientious community of food lovers.


I’m excited to listen, learn, and share my knowledge with you here in Shayna’s Kitchen. The door to my farmhouse kitchen (and a bottle of biodynamic wine…) is always open for you. I hope you’ll join me in this journey.




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