Serene Soul Wellness Retreats

Serene Soul Wellness Retreats

Escape. Explore. Evolve.

Inspired by her own journey of self-discovery and healing and deep appreciation for Italian culture, Shayna hosts intimate, transformative retreats at some of Europe’s most luxurious villas and resorts.

Each retreat offers a chance to pause from the relentless pace of everyday life and find space for introspection, connection, and nurturing your inner self. With culinary explorations and immersive, creative and spiritual workshops, these truly singular holistic getaways are a respite from daily life and a crucible for profound personal transformation, creative self-expression, enlightenment, and joy.

Shayna’s retreats are a sanctuary for mind, body, and spirit, blending luxury with the serenity of nature.

Mornings of mindful meditation. Transformative tea ceremonies. Yoga, pilates, and sound healing sessions. Workshops that foster connection and self-awareness. Artistic expression, through ceramics, journaling, and movement. Culinary delights, from honey tastings to gourmet meals prepared by our personal chef, to cooking classes with Shayna and more — all in the breathtaking Italian countryside.

Rejuvenate. Reconnect. Rediscover.

Coming together with like-minded souls from our community, you’ll find a safe and nurturing environment, enriched by the expertise of craftspeople and spiritual guides chosen personally by Shayna. At the heart of each retreat is a simple commitment to share in the joy of discovery as you awaken new passions, forge lasting friendships, and make every moment an opportunity for personal growth and fun.

Meet your host

Shayna Terese Taylor is a chef and wellness entrepreneur. In 2022, she moved from California to Umbria to restore the historic Casa la Bastia and transform its grounds into a biodynamic farm, continuing her commitment to sourcing the finest sustainable, artisanal ingredients, from matcha to olive oil to natural CBD tinctures in her Bottle & Stone line. Shayna’s personal journey to health and wellness and deep appreciation for Italian culture inspires each retreat.

Past Retreats

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