How to Eat Out (Smartly!)

How to Eat Out (Smartly!)

As restaurants begin to open up, I wanted to offer you a few quick tips to eating out, if you’re prioritizing health! Of course not all of us will feel comfortable dining at our favorite places yet, but these tricks still apply to ordering in! 

+ Read the menu ahead of time—I find that choosing what I’m having ahead of time helps me make the best and healthiest decision for my body.

+ Ask how food is prepared— while it may seem silly, the way food is cooked can have a big impact on its nutrition value; don’t be afraid to ask! 

+ Eat mindfully— take your time to savor the flavors in your food! Especially if you’re going with company, don’t be afraid to give some attention to the eating process and not just your date! 

+ Order 2 appetizers instead of a main— If you’re headed to a place that you know serves massive portions, you can fill up on two smaller appetizers without going overboard!

+ Don’t be afraid to substitute your sides— increase your veggie intake! I always like to consider fiber and nutrients too (ex: while potatoes are technically a vegetable, swapping for a different veggie, like broccoli, gives me more fiber and has more nutritious value! 

+ Ask for dressing on the side— that way you can control the amount you add! Of course you can ask for a simple olive oil and vinegar, too! 

+ Reach for the water— if you’re looking to make a healthy drink choice, skip the sodas and ask for water! 

+ and finally, TREAT yourself! Don’t limit yourself too much— if you want to indulge in your favorite meal, do so smartly and don’t beat yourself up! I want to normalize eating the foods we love and try to remove the guilt that we, as a society, have placed on eating certain foods.