My Tricks To Eating Out

This is a question I get a lot, “What should I order when I eat out?”, or “What do you order when you eat out?” Well, to be honest, I don’t eat out much. But now that I live in Manhattan, seems like all there is to do is eat out, especially when its cold (which is half the year). Also, having so many good restaurants to choose from doesn’t help the urge!

I like to eat at home with healthy cooked meals all during the week. We never make plans until the weekend. THEN all we do is plan our days around what restaurant we want to try.

Here are a few things we always live by when eating out. (except when we travel … but that’s for another blog post)

1. Always say no added salt to the order.
I don’t know why restaurants feel the need to always pile on the salt. I want to actually taste the food that they are serving, not a salt bomb. I am very salt sensitive and blow up like balloons the next day if we eat too much salt.

2. Say no to the bread basket
If you’re like me at all, if its in front of me I have ZERO self control over it. So that being said, JUST SAY NO. Don’t even let them put it on the table to tempt you. Eating simple carbs right before your meal is the worst thing you can do for digestion.

3. Avoid dips & fried things
Trust me, you don’t need it. Why? so you can have a stomach ache half way through your meal? Bloated and uncomfortable? I hate when I have that gassy stomach that feels like it could explode any minute. Dips have so many added things to them, that no matter what, you are going to stir some anger in your belly. Fried foods… well I’ve been blessed (or not) to have worked in kitchens before and got to see what kind of oils they use for frying things. Of course, NONE are good for you. I have a major allergy to corn, so I always ask what oils they use for cooking in restaurants, since a lot of them use corn oil.

4. Skip the meats
My biggest reason for this . . . most likely they aren’t using organic, free range anything. I would rather play it safe and have a light fish if I’m craving a protein with my meal. plus, I’m sure there are much better options for starters that you can have!

So what do I order? It depends. BUT I typically skip the entree. I would much rather have 2 or 3 appetizers than a big entree, since my friends and I always share everything. If the appetizers are small, I will order a side of veggies with it. 🙂

Lastly, for some reason a lot of people always search for the feeling of being stuffed to feel satisfied with their meal. Funny enough, (It may seem funny but) you should feel the opposite. You are supposed to just eat enough to feel full but could eat more, That’s how satisfied is supposed to feel. P.S. Take your time . . . eat slower! Give your belly time to feel full and start to digest the food you have already put in it. If you give your belly time, you might even feel full before your second course! xoxo


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  • Ellie Snow
    May 6, 2018

    Dear Shayna You make good sense… I am now struggling with attacks of stomach gas every now and then, when I go out to eat…It seems very serious…I had an ultra sound but will have the upper G.i. next week…no gallstones..
    no one has been able to pinpoint the trouble… Maybe I am eating too fast…it seems so complex. does not seem to be related to what i eat. I never had this trouble all my life.. should I take gas-x ? beforehand?
    no fried foods no big desserts….maybe just light things like fish and appetizers..

    I really like your suggestions on your site… wish there were more good Docs in my area…(pioneer Valley of Ma)
    Hello to ryan, georgia and panda..
    Love Ellie

    • Shayna Terese Taylor
      May 7, 2018

      I’m so sorry you are having these issues with your stomach. I have the exact same issues and got all the test done on my stomach and they found nothing. I just have an extremely sensitive stomach and I got blood work done for all my food sensitivities. Now I follow my red, yellow, and green list foods. I only eat from my green list and occasional yellow. Ryan does the same thing, and it truly changed our lives. The only thing is it makes it very difficult to eat out because they put so many ingredients in there food. We make sure our main red list items like – dairy, gluten, corn, sugar are not used in our food.

      I would recommend that you get a food allergy blood test done! It might help you significantly! xo