My Trip Through Lisbon, Portugal

My Trip Through Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal 

Lisbon is one of my favorite places to visit! The food and wine are cheap and incredible, and it gives off a little San Fransico vibe. 

I recommend staying at a boutique hotel. Here are two that I know are great:

  • Verride Palacio De Santa Cantarina
  • Casa Balthazar


  • Alma – Michelin star (best for lunch)
  • Prado – farm to table
  • In Bocca as Lupo – pizza
  • Monteigaria – for the iconic delicious pastry
  • Tease – bakery and breakfast
  • JNcQUOI -chic bar and restaurant
  • Time Out food market
  • Mercado es bento – very small market (Urst Salsicharia Austria) homemade sausages


You must see the beach towns & also the most western point of Europe. Walking around all the streets is truly my favorite thing to do!