My Trip Through Tulum | Everything You Need To Know

Tulum has quickly become one of my favorite places to visit. Whether you’re traveling with friends and family, or just want a quick weekend getaway, Tulum is the perfect place to go. 

Yes, Tulum is famous for it’s beautiful, white sandy beaches, but for me, it’s the sacred and magical environment that makes this place so special. 


  • For more affordable options, consider staying at La Valise or Casa Violetta. I recommend staying at Casa Violetta during winter/ early spring because the rooms are open villas and do not have air conditioning. However, the beachfront view is something you cannot beat. 
  • If you are looking for the ultimate luxury resort, Be Tulum and Casa Malca are absolutely breathtaking as well.


If you’re a foodie, like me, then Tulum is definitely the right place for you. I love that there are so many delicious and healthy options to choose from! Here are a few of my favorites:   

The Real Coconut

I could eat here for breakfast, lunch, and dinner— it’s THAT good. When I travel it’s really hard for me to find places that accommodate my gluten and corn allergy, so when I discovered The Real Coconut I was ecstatic. The fish tacos are absolutely incredible! (side note: they also sell amazing coconut flour tortilla chips at Whole Foods).


The menu changes daily depending on what the local sea and land harvest are for that day— they only source fresh ingredients from the Yucatan markets and farms. As you all know, high-quality and fresh ingredients are extremely important to me, so I love that Hartwood values that as well. 

I loved the Ensalada de Jicama. It’s full of flavor and so satisfying. It’s the perfect light salad before your entree. 

I also highly recommend KinToh, Arca, Cenzotle, Camarada, Posada Margarita. You can’t go wrong with any of these places! 


  • Tulum is perfect for some much needed R&R, and there is truly no better way to do that than by going to the Spa. My mom and I booked treatments at The Yaan Wellness Spa—our massage therapists, Carolina and Andy were amazing! 
  • Papaya Playa Project– If you feel like going out and listening to great music this is definitely the spot. If you go on a full moon, they have a full moon themed party! 
  • Shops in Francisco Uh May- It’s a 45-minute drive from Tulum, but if you’re looking to buy unique furniture, hammocks, and decor this is a great place to check out! The owner, Maria Rosa is so lovely! 
  • Kairos– a boutique owned by my friend, Lyric. They sell beautiful handmade jewelry, clothes, etc.  There’s also a really delicious smoothie place next door called Los Bowls de Guadalupe. 


  • casual, lightweight pieces
  • Make sure to bring mosquito repellant and sunscreen! I love the Soliel Toujours organic sheer sunscreen mist SPF 30

If you have time to travel to Mexico City before or after your trip to Tulum, here are a few of my favorite places: 



  • Aztec Pyramids- 1 1/2 hr – 2 hr drive depending on traffic 
  • Chable Resort– a luxury wellness resort & spa. This place is truly magical. It’s a 45-minute drive from the Merida airport (you can only fly direct from Huston and Miami). 

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My Trip Through Tulum | Everything You Need To Know