The 6 Spices & Seasonings You Need for Thanksgiving

The 6 Spices & Seasonings You Need for Thanksgiving

I always want to make healthy cooking easiest for you— here’s my shortlist of the 6 spices and seasonings you need for your Thanksgiving recipes! Healthy recipes do NOT have to be bland, and I usually turn to herbs and spices to bump up these delicious flavors.

Cinnamon— DUH! Its distinct flavor is found in everything from pies to mashed sweet potatoes. I usually keep an extra on hand during holiday baking just in case I run low! While you can use any cinnamon, I love the Ceylon variety as it contains more antioxidants and is easier on the liver and digestive system. Additionally, it has more benefits on metabolizing glucose and reducing blood sugar. 

Nutmeg— I like to think of this as the younger sibling of cinnamon. Great for a warm, spicy, sweet flavor in pies and desserts.

Vanilla extract— I like the alcohol-free varieties to avoid any hidden sugars from the alcohol. Again, I usually keep an extra in the pantry. 

Poultry seasoning— an aromatic blend that usually contains thyme, sage, celery seed, onion, pepper, etc. It’s an easy way to spice up any savory dish. 

Rosemary & thyme— great with roasted turkey, veggies and in the stuffing 

Sage— dried or fresh, sage is a warm spice that pairs well with most other savory ingredients. 

These are what I tend to reach for during my holiday cooking. Hope you have a very happy Thanksgiving!