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The Importance of Cold-Pressed Olive Oil: The Gold Standard Of Extraction

Shayna’s Kitchen EU Certified Ancient Italian Olive Oil is produced in small batches through a gentle, time-honored method that retains the nutritional richness, flavorful delight, and stunning green color of authentic Umbrian olive oil. Picked from single-estate ancient olive trees on my biodynamic farm in Italy, olives are washed, crushed, and ground into a paste. We extract extra virgin olive oil through cold pressing, an artisanal method that ensures the entire process remains under 27 degrees Celsius.


Cold pressing stands as the gold standard for olive oil extraction, ensuring the unrivaled chemical composition of the finest extra virgin quality. This method not only preserves the oil’s natural aroma but also retains its unrefined and unprocessed abundance of nutrients and antioxidants.

Farm-To-Table: From Umbria To You

As a classically trained chef, I firmly believe that the best food you can eat is food you make with your own hands using fresh, organic ingredients. My mission at Shayna’s Kitchen is to help you craft your farm-to-table experience through my healthy recipes and wellness shop. Cold-pressing ensures that the essence of my sunkissed Umbrian olive groves are delivered directly to you, drizzled over your dishes with maximum potency, freshness, and nutrient density, and 350mg medicinal levels of polyphenols.


Modern olive oil production prioritizes the expediency and scale of mass production at the cost of flavor, freshness, as well as ecological and environmental sustainability. Heat extraction causes natural aromas to evaporate and nutrients and polyphenols to be destroyed. Furthermore, exposure to heat during extraction can elevate free fatty acid (FFA) content, compromising the stability of the olive oil, making it more vulnerable to oxidation and becoming a dull, stale, lifeless oil while in storage.


Cuisine in the green Umbrian heart of Italy is deeply rooted in sustainable, organic agriculture, with traditional practices that respect the unadulterated integrity of ingredients. Cold-pressing is a slow and exquisite small-batch process that prevents the thermal degradation of extra virgin olive oil flavors, nutrients, and polyphenols. Polyphenols are bioactive, antioxidant-powered compounds that help neutralize free radical cell damage, defending the body from the risks and onset of cancer and cardiovascular disease. 


From my biodynamic farm to your home, this nutritionally potent elixir will elevate the meals you make. Rich in monounsaturated fats, antioxidants, oleocanthal, and vitamin E, Shayna’s Kitchen cold-pressed extra virgin single estate EU organic olive oil is a wonderful addition to the kitchen and self-care routine. You can add it to your favorite dishes, take it as a shot every morning, and apply it as a hair oil or as a makeup remover!


Shayna’s Kitchen EU Certified Organic Ancient Italian Olive Oil is crafted for conscientious food lovers who cherish connections to every facet of intentional living, including the land and local community behind the supply and production. 

I invite you to experience the delicious green gold of Umbria as a celebration of the vitality of the Italian way of life. Explore our small-batch, sustainable, and organic products at and connect with me