The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Morning Routine

The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Morning Routine

My morning routine means a lot to me. It allows me to claim the first hour or so of my day for myself. Before answering texts or emails I received overnight, I spend time with myself, my puppies, and my morning practices to really enter my day centered, relaxed, and on the right foot.

I’m not saying that you should follow this exact routine but incorporating some ideas here and there might be really helpful for you. Since sharing my morning routine with you guys on Instagram, I’ve received so many messages from those who have really benefitted from some ideas like not looking at their phones, beginning the day with a list of gratitude, or simply making the bed each morning.


Morning routines vary from person to person. This is not a list to follow precisely but rather a guideline to creating a routine that works for you. My only advice? Make one! A good morning routine helps us to set the tone for a day…have you ever woken up late and just had to throw on some clothes, grab a protein bar and run out the door? I know I have, and I always feel a little off throughout the rest of my entire day.

My excitement for my morning routine is one of the reasons I love getting up early— I genuinely look forward to it.

Get Out of Bed on the Right Foot

Make your bed every morning. As the very first thing I do each day (even before my morning journaling and rituals), it gives me a very small sense of accomplishment. It’s an easy step that makes me feel more inclined to accomplish another task… and then another… and then another. ⁣My bedroom is truly more than just a place to sleep. My bedroom is an oasis and for me, a place of serenity and comfort. Starting my day by arranging my sanctuary is truly the best way to start a busy day of productivity!

After my journaling and meditation, I almost always try to get in some movement


Around 6- 6:30 am, I wake up. I invite the puppies into my bed for some early morning cuddles. I make a big point NOT to look at my phone yet. I wake up naturally without an alarm but have a big tip for you. If you are unable to wake up without an alarm, consider the alarm itself. Waking up to a blaring siren as your wake-up call will ensure you get out of bed on the wrong foot. My picks? A purchased meditation song or the option for bird’s song on iPhone.

I get up out of bed, and brush my teeth, hair and wash my face. After, I make my bed (see my notes above on the importance of making your bed each morning).

After, I head downstairs and have my Get Off Your Acid Greens and Minerals.

After I drink that, I make a matcha latte (bet you were waiting for that one!) It is NOT a coincidence that I named my matcha brand “Morning Ritual”… it truly is what excites me most about getting up early to complete my morning routine. I will then take a dropperful of the 300mg tinctures from Bottle & Stone (either flavor– they’re both delicious). I either add it to my matcha latte for a delicious wellness concoction or just simply take it under my tongue. This helps ward off any anxiety (or pain if I slept weird) To read the blog post I wrote on the benefits of CBD, click here and to read how I personally use it in my day to day, click here.

I take my matcha and sit down to journal. You can begin by writing a list of gratitude and then flowing into whatever else you’d like to jot down— any lingering thoughts from the day before, what you dreamt about, etc. You can see my video on how I got started with journaling here.

After journaling, I will meditate for around 15 or so minutes. If you’re having a hard time getting into meditation, try a guided meditation. I like the app Insight Timer.

After my journaling and meditation, I almost always try to get in some movement

After my journaling and meditation, I almost always try to get in some movement. Even if it’s just a 10-minute walk with the dogs, my whole day is changed just by moving around a bit in the morning and prioritizing it.

I head back upstairs to either shower (if I worked out) or change into normal clothes. I also complete my daily skincare routine. Then I head off to work! ⁣I like to finish my morning routines with a quick mental list of everything I want to get done in the day, remembering that not everything can be a top priority, and not stressing about having multiple tasks! ⁣

Morning Person vs. Night Owl

A final note I’d like to emphasize about morning routines is that you DON’T have to be a morning person in order to put your new routine into motion. How you design your morning and use your time is up to you and what motivates you! Having a solid morning routine helps us to be productive, achieve our daily goals, feel organized and float throughout the afternoon with confidence!