A Note on Cravings

A Note on Cravings

I want to talk about cravings. It’s perfectly normal to crave things. My advice? Lean into them. 

Many “health” and wellness influencers and sites will tell you that instead of having that chocolate you crave, to have something “healthier” like an apple instead. But I want to let you know that it’s okay to have the chocolate. 

Today, I felt like I NEEDED chocolate after lunch. So I went for the real thing— I had a few squares of honey mamas chocolate and it really hit the spot. If you deprive yourself of the foods you love, you’re more likely to overeat and your cravings won’t go away. I want to normalize eating the foods we love and try to remove the guilt that the health industry has placed on eating certain foods. If you want chocolate, eat chocolate— don’t feel bad that you “cheated” on your diet! 

The one thing I really want to emphasize though is that even when leaning into our cravings, we should still care about the ingredients. I’d recommend picking something with a short ingredients list or one that has all ingredients that you recognize (like my @honeymamas with 5 organic and whole ingredients!) You won’t feel crappy after eating processed foods and you’ll still be providing your body with nourishment, love and exactly what you wanted!