CBD: How I Use It, How I Found It and My Recommendations for You

CBD: How I Use It, How I Found It and My Recommendations for You

How I Found CBD

CBD is used by lots of people for lots of reasons, most commonly for peace of mind, but the benefits go far beyond that. CBD is also used as an all-natural supplement to promote wellness with a wide array of benefits. As you probably know, I am constantly looking for natural and holistic solutions to both everyday and more serious health issues and ailments. In my hours and hours of research, I identified CBD as a powerful natural remedy for the problems of my friends and followers, one that could free them from the medications they told me they wished they didn’t have to take.

Bottle & Stone

I have spent the past few years working and developing formulas for daily self-care solutions that support a holistic, healthy lifestyle. The result is Bottle & Stone, a line of handcrafted CBD-based remedies that puts the power to thrive naturally back into each of our hands.

Since the inception of Bottle & Stone, I knew I wanted to commit to fully transparency with you, documenting every step of the way and sharing each moment from planting to the bottling of our products. 

Our Products

We offer a holistic system of CBD-based remedies and resources. Although we will continuously be adding new products to our line to best help you, our current line includes both consumable and topical solutions.

CBD Consumables

Natural Tincture, 300mg or 600mg: Our Natural Tincture is designed to be part of your daily wellness ritual: you can put a serving in your tea or juice or take it as-is for all-natural wellness. It has a sweet hemp flavor that is slightly earthy and just delicious. 

Cinnamon Tincture, 300mg or 600mg: Our Cinnamon Tincture was developed with taste in mind: our all-natural cinnamon provides a warming kick that pairs well with coffees, smoothies and lattes to help bring you a more balanced and holistic approach to energy for everything in the day ahead.

If you have never tried CBD, I’d recommend the 300mg; if you have tried it before or have chronic pain or constant anxiety, I’d recommend the 600mg. 


Our Hemp Mint Spritz is designed to be a flexible, on-the-go solution for travelers, commuters, and anyone else who’s on the move. I personally don’t love chewing gum so I love reaching for this for fresh breath, as well as the benefits that CBD oil provides. 

CBD Topical Solutions

By now, we all know of the anti-inflammatory properties of cannabidiol, or CBD. But did you know that these properties can also be applied to daily skincare practices to increase skin health, improve elasticity and regulate oil production? 

The Everyday Hemp Face Oil is my favorite, paired with the Gua Sha tool to provide light moisture and rejuvenation to the skin. I’ve been preparing my own blend for years and partnered with top skincare experts to make an oil that targets fine lines and wrinkles, acne and other signs of inflammation.

The Hemp Body Salve was developed to help relieve feelings of dryness and discomfort at all levels. Soften and hydrate the hands and body while easing and soothing stress within. Bright and cooling natural peppermint and tea tree oils act to help awaken the senses. It’s ideal for use on stressed, sore or tense areas.

Men’s Hemp Grooming Oil: This multitasking oil was developed to help maintain a healthy texture and luminosity in both hair and skin. Use generously on the skin before shaving to hydrate and protect, and after shaving to reduce the appearance of redness and irritation.

CBD-Infused Recipes

Of course you can take your CBD by simply placing it under your tongue, but I also really love to add it to my recipes. I’m constantly cooking and experimenting with new recipes involving CBD and will continue to update this list so you can have easy, direct links to everything! 

Strawberry Summer Salad

CBD- Infused Matcha Latte

Lemon Poppyseed Loaf with a CBD Glaze

Healthy Rice Krispie Treats with CBD

CBD Dijon and Basil Salad Dressing

Sweet CBD Fruit Salad Glaze

Homemade Fruit Popsicles with CBD