Celtic V. Himalayan Salt

Celtic V. Himalayan Salt

I’ve been getting so many questions about the difference between Celtic and Himalayan salts. As salt is such a fundamental part of most cuisines, it’s important to pick a salt that tastes great, while still maximizes health benefits. While both Celtic and Himalayan are definitely better options than regular table salt, I tend to favor Celtic. Here are the main differences:


Pink Himalayan Salt is mined in the Himalayan Mountain foothills in Pakistan. Himalayan Salt is a dry salt and will draw the liquids out of foods. Because of this, I would not recommend marinating, coating or letting the salt sit for too long on your food before eating. However, Himalayan Salt does a great job of regulating water content in the body. It also supports libido, bone strength, and respiratory health. 


Celtic salt is harvested from evaporated seawater and scraped from clay-lined pans on the coast of France. Celtic Salt has a high moisture content, which makes it really easy for our bodies, which are mostly made of water, to digest and use the salt’s minerals. Celtic Salt does a great job of alkalizing the body, building immunity, improving brain function and also eliminating mucus buildup. It also has a slightly more intense flavor, making it a better option to use on strongly flavored foods. 

Both Himalayan and Celtic salts regulate blood pressure and sleep, as well as promote heart health and increase the body’s energy. Both are great options so it really comes down to personal preference and what you’re looking for from a salt.