Crystals 101: Why I Love Healing Crystals

Crystals 101! As a native of Southern California, it’s hard for me to think of a time when I didn’t know about crystals… but I also understand that this is a very ~LA~ thing too! I wanted to give you a little introduction to healing crystals in case you’re curious in starting your own collection. Once I bought my first crystal and felt its healing effects, I knew I was hooked. 

Crystals are not only gorgeous pieces to keep around your home, office or other important places (I even keep one on the dashboard of my car!), but they also can be a great source of support in your everyday life. Crystals are living forms of Mother Earth and many are formed by melted molten lava that cools and creates varying combinations of minerals. Others grow organically deep under the Earth’s surface. Healing crystals date back thousands of years, as the ancient Egyptians used lapis lazuli, turquoise, quartz, and topaz to anoint the tombs of the dead. However, the current market really boomed in the ‘70s and ‘80s as the New Age movement gained speed. 

Different types of crystals and geodes can have different purposes, but I generally turn to crystals as a power that can help me gain focus, get a source of creativity, cleanse my heart and shift a little energy. As I look to crystals to represent my path and spiritual journey, I simply think of them as a method to draw out the energy that was already there. Some people go to church, some do yoga, and others do those things too, but also collect and meditate with crystals. As always, I love being a source of education for you guys, so if you have any more questions about crystals, feel free to ask and I’ll get around to answering them! 


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Crystals 101: Why I Love Healing Crystals