Healing My Gut With Organic Olive Oil 

Healing My Gut With Organic Olive Oil 

Did you know that 56% of Americans have some sort of chronic disease? It truly astounds me how normalized chronic health conditions have become in our society. Still, yet again, it can’t be surprising when  ⅔ rds of Americans between the ages of 18-44 suffer from digestive issues on a monthly basis. Our gut health is far more important than is talked about on a typical doctor’s visit. I noticed a massive difference in my gut when I moved from America to Europe. Even so, on my most recent trip back to America for more than 2 weeks, my GI map of bacteria completely started to change.

Our gut absorbs nutrients that support our body’s functions — from energy production to hormone balance, skin health to mental health, and even toxin and waste elimination. 

One of the biggest things I added to my diet to support my gut was one of my gut health recipes, The Gut Health Morning Shot

The ingredients are simple:

  • Juice from ½ of a lemon
  • 1-2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil 

That’s It!


Better yet, combined with lemon on an empty stomach, it optimizes digestion, stemming from its rich composition of healthy fats, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory compounds. This combo has been my go-to since I moved to Italy two years ago, and it is a staple in my morning routine. 

Starting the journey to better health may seem daunting, but a lifestyle is built on little rituals. Try adding this ritual to your routine for 30 days and watch your gut health transform. Read below to find out more about the benefits of this magical combo.


  • Longevity Connection: In regions like the Mediterranean, where olive oil is a dietary staple, there’s a higher prevalence of centenarians. The consumption of olive oil is often associated with increased longevity and overall well-being.
  • Bone Health Booster: Olive oil may contribute to better bone health. Some studies suggest that it helps in the absorption of calcium, essential for maintaining strong and healthy bones.
  • Gut Microbiota Harmony: The polyphenols in olive oil have a positive impact on the gut microbiota, promoting a healthy balance of beneficial bacteria. A well-balanced gut microbiome is linked to various aspects of health. 
  • DNA Protection: Olive oil helps protect DNA due to its rich content of antioxidants, such as polyphenols and vitamin E, which work synergistically to neutralize free radicals and mitigate oxidative stress, ultimately safeguarding the integrity of DNA. These powerful antioxidants contribute to cellular health, reducing the risk of DNA damage and supporting overall well-being.
  • Blood Pressure Regulation: The regular consumption of olive oil has been linked to lower blood pressure. Its polyphenols contribute to better blood vessel function, assisting in the regulation of blood pressure levels.
  • Natural Pain Reliever: Oleocanthal, a compound found in extra virgin olive oil, exhibits anti-inflammatory properties similar to ibuprofen. While not a substitute for medication, it adds an interesting dimension to olive oil’s potential pain-relieving properties.
  • Vision Protection: Olive oil contains compounds that contribute to eye health. The antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin, found in olive oil, are associated with a lower risk of age-related macular degeneration, a common cause of vision loss.
  • Mood Enhancement: The omega-3 fatty acids & monounsaturated fats in olive oil have positive effects on mood and mental well-being, as they are associated with improved brain health and neurotransmitter function. The presence of polyphenols in olive oil has been linked to anti-inflammatory effects that may positively influence mood by reducing inflammation in the brain.
  • Potential Cancer Cell Inhibition: Olive oil may aid in inhibiting cancer cell growth due to its rich concentration of bioactive compounds, such as polyphenols and squalene, which have demonstrated anti-cancer properties in various studies. These compounds may interfere with signaling pathways involved in cancer cell proliferation and survival, potentially contributing to the inhibition of cancer cell growth.
  • Dental Health Support: The antibacterial properties of olive oil polyphenols contribute to oral health. Incorporating olive oil into your diet offers some extra protection against certain bacteria associated with dental issues.
  • Metabolic Boost: Oleuropein, a compound found in olive oil, has been explored for its potential to enhance metabolic rate. While more research is needed, it hints at a fascinating link between olive oil and metabolism. Consuming it on an empty stomach can stimulate the digestive system, making it easier to digest food throughout the day. It may also have a laxative effect, aiding in bowel movements.


  • Digestive Agent: Lemon juice acts as a digestive and detoxifying agent and can help cleanse the liver. 
  • Boosted Vitamin C Intake: Lemon juice is rich in vitamin C, which can strengthen the immune system, aid in the absorption of iron, and improve skin health.
  • Balanced pH Levels: Lemon juice has an alkalizing effect on the body. Consuming it with olive oil may help in balancing pH levels, contributing to better overall health.
  • Improved Absorption of Nutrients: The vitamin C in lemon juice can enhance the absorption of antioxidants and iron from olive oil and other foods consumed later in the day.

As a devoted & passionate holistic chef and gut health specialist, olive oil holds a special place in both my heart & kitchen. As my preferred ingredient, I cherish it for its rich flavor profile and exceptional superfood qualities. During my holistic nutrition studies, I discovered the immense healing properties inherent in this liquid gold. Olive oil transcends its culinary role; it’s a true natural medicine. My EU certified Organic Ancient Italian Olive Oil that we produce here at my farm is made up of a polyphenol count which classifies it as medicinal in Europe. To read more about my olive oil and what sets it apart, click here.

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