How to Design a Bohemian Living Room

How to Design a Bohemian Living Room

Welcome to my sanctuary! I’ve always thought that caring and decorating your space is an act of self-care… creating an environment that is comfortable, soothing and complete for yourself and your loved ones. Our spaces set the stage for our lives, daily mindsets and many of our life experiences— so in my opinion, it’s totally worth it to spend a little time decorating your home and incorporating personal touches to your space! ⁣

Homes are SUCH personal spaces and because of this aspect, adding loads of personal touches throughout your decor is crucial to feeling comfortable. I think it’s common to get caught up in making our home decor look like it belongs as the centerfold in Arch Digest, but important to add personal touches so your home is stylish, yet unique! ⁣

One of the ways I like to add personal touches to my decor is by adding vintage items, like books and knick-knacks. They’re a one-of-a-kind way to add color, texture and history to your space. I love the idea of having touches of different cultures and time periods in my home (as you guys know I love to travel!) and visit vintage stores and flea markets to pick up unique details. ⁣

The Fireplace

My living room has truly become a sanctuary for me (and any guests who comeover!). Since replacing my fireplace with this beautiful onyx stone, the energy of this room has completely changed (I feel like you can even feel it through the screen!) I’m including pictures of both before and after so you can really see the change. I sourced my stone from Marble Unlimited here in Los Angeles.

The fireplace before I added the onyx.
My new fireplace!

Focusing on the Senses

Another big way I make my home more personal is by focusing on scent. I believe that interior design should indulge as many of our senses as possible: vision, hearing, touch and smell so I have at least one candle lit at all times. If you didn’t know, I created this unisex candle, blended of smoldering green leaves, calm vanilla notes and and crisp camellias. It’s nontoxic, made with pure beeswax and just the most incredible way to unwind. Noir Amethyste can be purchased here

I also invested in a speaker system for my home. I like to listen to relaxing spa or meditation music. As a small business owner, my days can get pretty hectic so returning home to a sanctuary truly makes all the difference and really helped me to make my home feel like a retreat.

Where I Find Inspiration


I get questions all the time about who I look to for design inspiration or where I get my ideas from and to be honest, there’s no one place. ⁣
You can find inspiration in nature, in music, in photography, or even in other interiors. There’s no right or wrong place to find inspiration. When you’re able to gather it from all sorts of places, your home will greater reflect your individuality and all the layers and depth you possess… rather than being a stagnant carbon copy of another room! ✨⁣

With all that being said, I wanted to provide you with resources for where I got a lot of these items. While most of it has been collected over the past few years, maybe seeing the brands I like will help you (even if you can’t find the exact item anymore).

Where I Shop

My sofa and coffee table are from Crofthouse L.A and the side table is from 1st Dibs. My hanging chair is from Serena and Lily. The mirrors on either side of the fireplace are from CB2. The wallpaper in the living room is from Scalamandre. The floating wooden mural towards the piano is Karvd Walls and the console below it is from McGee & Co. Chairs at the dining table are Joybird and the table itself is Parkman Woodworks. Many of my larger plants are from Leon & George(although I collect them from all over!) The pampas grass all over my home is from Pampas People. And because this is a post on my house decor, we can’t ignore the crystals! I always recommend sourcing crystals in person but realize that this is not readily available in many peoples’ hometowns. For a great source for crystals, I recommend Kali Kavara

Shayna Taylor