IT’S HERE! Shayna’s Kitchen EU Certified Organic Ancient Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Medicinal-Polyphenol Olive Oil

IT’S HERE! Shayna’s Kitchen EU Certified Organic Ancient Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Medicinal-Polyphenol Olive Oil

I’m incredibly excited to launch Shayna’s Kitchen EU Certified Organic Ancient Italian Olive Oil: cold pressed extra virgin olive oil from the single estate of my very own biodynamic farm in Umbria, Italy. 

Every detail has been meticulously considered to craft an authentic, organic, and delicious bottle of fatty acids, vitamins E & K, chlorophyll, and antioxidants, including polyphenols, carotene, lutein, and oleocanthal, to elevate your dishes and daily wellness ritual.

EU organic certification ensures that every bottle contains the best of what nature has to offer from my centuries old Frantoio, Moraiolo, and Leccino olive trees, grown sustainably in nutrient-rich soil, harvested by local farmhands, and cold-pressed in small, artisanal batches.  

Extra virgin is the highest grade of olive oil that offers the finest flavor and aroma and greatest nutritional abundance. 

Cold pressing ensures maximum preservation of aromas, flavors, nutritional potency, as we extract extra virgin olive oil without additives, chemicals, or excessive heat. 

Polyphenols are bioactive compounds with potent antioxidant properties, known to benefit cardiovascular health, blood pressure regulation, blood sugar management, and weight management. Every bottle of Shayna’s Kitchen extra virgin olive oil contains levels of polyphenols that are considered medicinal in the European Union. 

Authentic Italian extra virgin olive oil tastes incredible—a multidimensional flavor of fruity, bitter, and spicy notes.

Single estate production exclusively from my Umbrian farm ensures freshness and consistent quality control at every step, which is rare in a market that is flooded with inauthentic olive oil. In a market where 80% of olive oil is fake, low quality olive oils are produced with olives from multiple different farms or regions, which can be old or rancid, and diluted with lower-quality oils such as canola or soybean oil. This destroys the natural essence and medicinal properties.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Nature’s Medicine 

Extra virgin olive oil truly is nature’s medicine. Harvard has reported that “higher olive oil consumption [is] linked with lower risk of premature death”. In addition to longevity, extra virgin olive oil can significantly benefit your cardiovascular health, digestion, cognitive function, mood, blood pressure, weight management, gut, skin, hair, and nails. 

Rich in anti-inflammatory compounds, extra virgin olive oil is also known as nature’s ibuprofen or painkiller.

I initially discovered the healing powers of high quality olive oil through my nutritional studies, then as a model and professional chef. My wellness journey first took off when I eliminated processed and junk food with real, whole foods and organic ingredients, which healed my persistent acne and constipation.

However, my wellness journey then took a detour when the pressures of modeling led to unhealthy eating habits including restrictive diets and juice cleanses.

I transformed my mindset to prioritized true well-being. As a conscientious foodie, I didn’t restrict myself. I recreated healthy, nourishing versions of my beloved “bad” foods. I created this blog, Shayna’s Kitchen, to share the recipes I developed from scratch: dairy-free, gluten-free, and refined sugar-free versions of my favorite dishes and desserts, like my olive oil cake

Extra virgin olive oil has been a staple through it all. When I first tasted freshly pressed olive oil in Italy, I was truly blown away by its exceptional flavor: rich, nuanced, and distinctly fresh. I dreamt of moving to Italy to farm my own extra virgin olive oil. Over the years, I traveled solo to explore the land of Umbria, before discovering a regenerative farm with ancient olive trees thriving organically.

It was destiny. 

Uprooting my life to Italy has been the most profoundly rewarding decision I’ve ever made. The difficult experiences that pushed me out of my comfort zone were all worth it to be able to proudly say that Shayna’s Kitchen extra virgin olive oil is liquid gold. 

Olive Oil Gut Health Morning Shot 

Optimizing my gut health has enhanced my immunity, mental clarity, sleep, and digestion. I take my Gut Health Morning Shot, a blend of lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil, on an empty stomach to alkalize my stomach pH, promote gut microbiome diversity, and create an extra layer of protection along my stomach lining before my first meal. 

Extra virgin olive oil boosts the radiance of my skin and hair, and it’s even banished my friend’s dandruff! I invite you to join my 30-Day Gut Revival Challenge by signing up for our newsletter here

Order your bottle of Shayna’s Kitchen EU Certified Organic Ancient Italian Olive Oil! Each bottle contains 33 servings with a 2 year shelf life.