My Weekly Workout Routine

My Weekly Workout Routine

I’m not going to lie to you guys, I’m a workout fanatic. I love to workout hard so I can eat a little more 🙂 It’s extremely important to change up your workout routine. I found in my many years of doing exercises that doing the same thing over and again stops you from seeing changes in your body. I’m going to share with you guys my typical workout routine during the week. 

Please keep in mind that I am someone that has been training since I was a kid,  so I push myself much harder than the average person. For those who are just starting to get into working out, try to pick on of the exercises and do them 3 times a week to start, (Monday, Wednesday, Friday. or whatever fits your work schedule) and work your way up from there! Even if its long walks, or an easy hike, its movement and movement is beneficial 🙂 

My Favorite LA workouts:

  • Soul Cycle
  • Glove works (boxing),
  • Heart & Hustle (personal training)
  • natural pilates 
  • Orange Theory
  • Love Yoga 
  • Largree fitness studio
  • and of course hiking, swimming, and walking on the beach (the free stuff)

My Favorite NYC Workouts:

  • Soul Cycle or any cycling class
  • Gotham Gym (boxing)
  • Sky Ting Yoga 
  • Dogpound (personal training)
  • Training with my other personal trainer Justin Gelband.
  • Honestly simply just walking for miles around the city when it’s nice out. 
  • Going on a run or bike ride where its safe

An infrared sauna is my favorite way to sweat and detox my body. I go to the infrared sauna for 30-40 min,  3-4 times a week.

here are some health benefits;

  1. Deeply detoxes the body. – heats you from the core out.
  2. Anti-aging, muscle growth, & injury healing
  3. Mood, Mental Health, and Cognitive Function
  4. Weight Loss and Metabolic Diseases
  5. Inflammation and Autoimmunity
  6. Skin Health – In order to eliminate heat, your body increases blood flow to the skin

My weekly workout routines:

Monday: I typically do a medium / hard workout depending on how much I ate and/or drank over the weekend. Typically its weight training for 1 hour, or cardio like soul cycle or boxing to get a good sweat in!

Tuesday: Cardio – I try and get in at least 2 days of cardio a week. I hate cardio,. lol, the only 2 things I enjoy doing are Soul Cycle and Boxing! 

Wednesday: 1-hour low impact balance endurance training 

Thursday: 1-hour low impact balance endurance training 

Friday: Fridays are for boxing! It makes me feel amazing and a good start to the weekend!

Saturday & Sunday – Typically one rest day, and the other 1-hour yoga session, or long walks, bike, or hikes depending where I am.