Intermittent Fasting – The Fat Burning Solution

Intermittent Fasting – The Fat Burning Solution

Intermittent Fasting – This has always been my favorite way to lose stubborn fat and has always given me a great boost of energy if I’m consistent with it. I get asked often how I stay fit when I love to eat.  “How do you enjoy and eat so much on vacation and then lose it?” Or the most popular one, “How do I lose weight fast?”

I want to start with everyone’s body is different, and there is not one diet that works for everyone. Intermittent fasting isn’t a diet, it is a pattern of eating which changes when you eat and don’t eat. Doing this boosts your growth hormone and regulates your insulin levels. There are a few levels of intermittent fasting:

  • 3 meals 16:8
  • 2 meals 20:4

Starting gradually with intermittent fasting is super important. For instance,  if you like to snack and graze all day, stop snacking and only eat 3 meals a day with no snacking, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Your body is not made to graze all day. You should try for a more full lunch and a lighter dinner and breakfast.

Once you have mastered not snacking in between meals, move to 3 meals a day, but only in an 8-hour window. “16:8” – 16 hours of fasting, 8 hours to eat three meals. For example, eat dinner at 6 pm and don’t eat breakfast until 10 am. Fasting overnight is the key to success! Now, this doesn’t mean stuffing your face at dinner or for your meal sizes to get larger. Keep the portions small, with good fats, lots of greens and a clean protein (if not vegan). It can easily take a few weeks to really get it down and get your body and stomach adjusted, but keep pushing through. It gets much easier.

Taking fasting to another level and really burning fat is the “20:4” – 20 hours fasting 4 hours to eat 2 meals. For example, you eat dinner at 6 pm, you won’t eat your first meal until 2 pm. (all these times can vary depending on your lifestyle and working hours).

Things you CAN drink while fasting;

  • Purified water – lots of water and added natural electrolytes are very beneficial.
  • Teas – Teas are your friend, but not too much caffeine. Caffeine spikes your insulin levels. Stick to non-caffeinated teas.
  • Coffee – One cup of plain black coffee, with a splash of sugar-free almond milk, is OK. NO SUGAR added.
  • Bone Broth – Amazing to have to drink throughout your fasting time. Savory and great for the stomach.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar – Love to add a tablespoon to my water. click here to learn more about ACV
  • Almond Milk – Homemade with no added sugar is recommended. If you don’t make your own, using small amounts of sugar-free is okay.

This you should AVOID while fasting;

  • Alcohol – don’t drink while in your fasting period.
  • Coconut water – yes, it has electrolytes, but it also has lots of sugar.
  • Soda – even diet soda should be avoided.
  • Any other sugary drink

How to make fasting work faster 

  • Potassium – the secret mineral. Our bodies need 4700mg a day. Eat vegetables and fruits that are high in potassium. (spinach, broccoli, bananas, apricots, avocados, Swiss chard, sweet potatoes, etc.)
  • Don’t overeat – salads are your friend.  Eat a salad in between meals, if needed.
  • Do it gradually – don’t jump straight into the 20:4 fasting.  Ease your body in for the best results that last.
  • Extra sleep – get at least 7- 8 hours a night. Take naps if you want.
  • HIIT – High-intensity interval training – high-intensity short duration. I like to do this with weight training.