Shayna’s Kitchen 2024 Serene Soul Spiritual Retreat in Umbria, Italy: Celebrating Joy and Authenticity

Shayna’s Kitchen 2024 Serene Soul Spiritual Retreat in Umbria, Italy: Celebrating Joy and Authenticity

For years, I’ve shared my wellness journey with my audience online, but it has been a lifelong dream to create sacred spaces to connect with my community in person.

This dream was realized this spring at our Serene Soul Wellness Retreat in Umbria, Italy, led by yours truly, along with personally chosen craftspeople and spiritual guides. Although words cannot fully express the magic of everything we experienced, I wanted to share some of our retreat highlights here.

In Umbria, the green heart of Italy, we immersed ourselves in holistic, creative, and spiritually healing workshops, masterclasses, and ceremonies while exploring themes of joy and authenticity. I feel honored to have witnessed beautiful friendships blossom, with unforgettable moments of laughter, tears, hugs, song, and dance. 

On Day 1, our members arrived at our luxurious villa of European elegance and natural serenity, our sanctuary for mind, body, and spirit. Members were greeted with local fruits, snacks, and matcha lattes (which we enjoyed throughout the week), made with Shayna’s Kitchen Certified Organic Elevated Morning Ritual Matcha and pure almond milk made only from almonds and water—free of oils, gums, or fillers. We grounded ourselves by walking barefoot on the grass, connecting with the Umbrian soil, the source of the delicious meals that would nourish our bodies throughout the retreat. 

Each member received an organic cotton tote filled with goodies: skincare from JouJou Botanicals, Ondo Beauty 36.5, and Seed To Skin; Shayna’s Kitchen Organic Matcha, Certified Organic Ancient Italian Olive Oil, and Crystal Gua Sha; Verna Flour (ancient baking flour with less than 1% gluten content); In A Year From Now journal. 

We gathered in a circle of incredible women for our Welcome Tea Ceremony. Dinner was served with Tart Cherry Juice Cocktails to help our members beat the jet lag and relax into the first night of arrival. Each glass contained a mixture of 1 tsp magnesium, 1 tbsp tart cherry juice, and sparkling water. 


Day 2: Mindful Beginnings began with my Morning Gut Health Shot, a simple 2-ingredient elixir of the juice of half a lemon and 1 tbsp of Shayna’s Kitchen Ancient Italian Olive Oil. We raised our glasses and toasted to health, wellness, beauty, happiness, joy, abundance, balance, and authenticity!

I guided our members through a full-body scan meditation focused on the power of intention, with soothing crystal singing bowls, followed by reflection and journaling. We spread mats out on the grass by the pool overlooking the breathtaking countryside for Yoga With Giulia. Under the Umbrian sun, we practiced mindfulness, breathwork, balance, and control as we drew energy from the earth into our pelvis and up to our hearts. With profound connection to the earth beneath us, Giulia performed energy healing with each member as we lay on our backs. Lunch featured caprese salad, a classic, traditional Italian dish featuring fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, salt, and, of course, organic olive oil!

Our Authentic Workshop With Phoebe guided our members through cleansing and revitalizing techniques of purifying, sending, and receiving energy, using the natural instincts of our own bodies. We shared stories, laughter, and tears over pasta dinner, creating a sisterhood through personal growth and transformation. 

For Day 3: Artistic Expression And Mindfulness, I hosted a creative workshop with intuitive pottery. Nurturing the artisan of our inner selves, we molded clay with our eyes closed: “Maybe it’s not a cup—it’s a plate. It can be whatever you feel, whatever makes your hands say: ‘yes that feels natural.’ Now open your eyes and see what you’ve created.” 

On Day 4: Finding Your Voice, we explored authentic self-expression through a spiritual workshop with music and dance! We enjoyed a hike and scenic picnic on the Umbrian hillside.

On Day 5: Nature And Culinary Delights featured a truly special experience of visiting a local bee hive. Members donned beekeeping suits and tasted the delicacy of fresh, raw honey! I led a cooking class on making Italian pasta with Verna flour. The low gluten index of Verna flour is amazing for those with Celiac disease and anyone who prioritizes their nutrition in optimizing gut health

On Day 6: Intention And Expression, we spent more time under the sun practicing yoga and activating our lymphatic systems. I hosted a class about my self-care rituals of using Gua Sha and Matcha to look and feel awake and calm. Phoebe serenaded us with her guitar and facilitated sound healing as we relaxed, laying on our backs with cozy cushions and blankets.

To commemorate our Serene Soul Wellness Retreat, we all threw on our SK sweatshirts for a group photo before we hugged each other goodbye—but our connections didn’t end there. We have continued to nurture our friendships and still keep in touch through our WhatsApp group and email!

If you want to join me & like-minded souls for our next retreat, please follow me at https://instagram .com/shaynateresetaylor for updates and announcements!